Monday, February 1, 2010

We had a time

Do we look exhausted? That is what 4 hours of walking the Westin St. Francis halls will do to you. Not to mention, answering the same questions about 100 times in a row.
When we arrived we walked into the first room that sounded intriguing to us and there were all these little groups of stylish ladies sitting around looking at swatches, taking notes and talking in what seemed like an entirely different language. "Where are you from?" someone asked. 'Um, here! San Francisco' we said in unison. It took us about 4 times of having been asked that same question when we finally realized that they were asking which boutique we were from, not which city. We ducked into one room that was empty with a nice looking lady in it and kind of begged her to tell us what the hell was going on. She was really nice and understanding and gave us a few much needed answers. Once we had regained our confidence, we started relax and actually find some things we liked.L: Corey Lynn Calter
R: Covet

Also found some nice basics by Maggie Ward and we drooled a little bit over gorgeous dresses by Dolce Vita .
All in all very educational. We are looking forward to March when we will hit up a bunch of shows in LA including D&A, Focus and LA Fashion Market.

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