Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Milestone...

We have placed our very first order! It's only for three items (an awesome dress, a really cool blazer and a colorful skirt) but we feel 100% about all of them. When we were looking over the notes we made in LA, we saw that we had written down a bunch of "maybes" or items that we felt so-so about, but we decided just to cut everything we're not fully excited about. If we wouldn't wear it/buy it online/pay $XX for it, chances are neither would you! If this means that we launch with a very limited selection, so be it--we're not exactly trying to compete with sites that have a huge volume of merchandise anyway. On the other hand, it is tricky because while we definitely want our site to have a curated feel, we also need to select the right pieces that make sense together--and it's not as easy as it seems! I think it's also a bit more difficult since we are starting with zero merchandise, I imagine it'll get easier as time goes on. For now we're sticking to cherry-picking our favorite pieces from each line, which means that we could have a lot of different stuff that doesn't necesarilly translate into a website with a cohesive look in the beginning, but we're definitely working on it.

On a side note, I have a bit of advice for all of you: invite Carly to your house to cook you dinner! Seriously, she is a master! In 20 minutes flat, we were feasting on a fresh corn and asparagus hash with truffle oil, and delicate tilapia filets with crunchy breadcrumbs seasoned with Meyer lemon and cilantro. A very wonderful departure from our usual fare of whole wheat tortilla veggie burritos. Yum!


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  1. Hey Carly,

    I have been reading your (entertaining) blog and I wondered if you have ever done the American Apparel factory tour? I used to work there and EVERYTHING is done in the LA factory, as you probably know. His (domestic and global) distribution method works (well) and the online stores are often rated well in terms of usability, product shipping times, etc.

    It might be a good place to take a look for some ideas (and then blow him out of the water, of course).

    Good luck!!!

    Jen (Hamdun)