Friday, January 15, 2010

How many burritos does it take to run a business meeting?

Hi everyone!

We have been hard at work (devouring delicious burritos) on our business plan--something that is very new to us both. To be honest, it has been very stressful--our attemps to complete all of the components of our plan have forced us to ask ourselves some tough questions and struggle with the idea that our faith alone in this business is not enough to make it a fruitful venture. What's so special about our ideas? Will others find value in them? Is our idea remarkable enough to compell others to invest in our business or are we just replicating something that already exists? What's missing from the marketplace and how can we fill that void?

After some serious thought and research, we are relieved to feel like we are getting closer. The process of frustration has actually been very helpful to us, and through it we have come up with some very exciting and creative solutions. Of course many challenges still lie ahead, but our renewed sense of purpose has lifted our spirits. For now, most of our ideas will have to be cloaked in mystery, but let's just say there's nothing like a good challenge to get those creative juices flowing...

We've also been monitoring the progress of our market research survey, and can't be happier with the results so far. Almost everyone seems to have participated and we're learning a lot from your responses. Thanks again for your support! The results of the survey will help us complete the Market Analysis Summary portion of our plan, which essentially is a fancy way of saying "what do people want and how are you going to give it to them?". The people have spoken, as they say.


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