Friday, January 29, 2010

Kids in a Candy Store

Next Monday, we are attending our first trade show : CALA, in San Francisco at the Westin St. Francis. We are both really looking forward to it, but honestly have no idea what to expect since it is brand new to both us.
We decided that for this trade show, we are just looking, not spending.We want to get a feel for how these things work before we start running around and getting all crazy in the head about how awesome everything is and blow all of our start-up cash :) Honestly, we are a little scared. I will come right out and say it. We have our calendar full of trade shows for the next 6 months and we might actually have to spend some money since we need to get our hands on all of those hot goods for the fall right? right? Yeah. So in the next couple of months, we need to figure out everything about trade shows, retail buying, inventory planning you name it! This is definitely what we refer to as the "fun part", but it is also daunting at the same time.
Will we know what to buy? How much? In what colors? Will people like our selections? Wowza! My head is just about to explode. If you are reading this and you have any hot tips for us we are all ears. We would love suggestions on:
-Brands/Designers you like
-Trade shows to attend
-How to establish good relationships with vendors
-How to not get overwhelmed :) Thanks.



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