Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspiration: Stephanie B.

Hi everyone!

Goodness, have we been busy! July was a whirlwind of summer fun, which means we took a lot of trips out of San Francisco to enjoy Mr. Blue Sky. In fact, we spent last weekend in beautiful Seattle to celebrate the wedding of our ex-bandmate to his long time love. It was an amazing time, made especially great because I was able to catch up with my darling friend Stephanie!

Stephanie and FFC alum Leia looking foxy at the wedding.

We met Stephanie a looooong time ago when she was living in Santa Cruz with Finest Dearest’s future bassist, and were even roommates for a while in San Francisco. I have long admired Stephanie’s look—from the perfect hair and makeup to the way she embodies vintage style in her everyday life. I also love that Stephanie’s personal style really reflects her personality: sunny, cheeky and adventurous.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say when I interviewed her a while back:

1. What usually motivates your outfit when you get dressed in the morning?
As a lifelong procrastinator, I have learned that dresses are best suited for my lifestyle...and my figure. They are a one-stop shop, just begging for the perfect accessories! I am also inspired by people watching outside my window on 24th street, very colorful!

2. What’s your favorite reason to get all gussied up?
I love to pull out all the stops for dinner parties and Sunday brunch with my ladies.

3. Something fashionable you’ve been drooling over lately?
A vintage poncho-style trench coat would be lovely. Or, if someone could just buy me a Snuggie, that would fine as well.

4. Favorite places to shop?
The Painted Bird, the Goodwill in Auburn, Savers in San Jose, and the Bargain Barn in Santa Cruz

5. Most embarrassing fashion trend you’ve seen people follow recently? (Or that you've been guilty of!)
Leather leggings...faux or real. Only the New York Dolls can get away with a stunt like that!

Looking gorgeous as Edie Sedjwick for Halloween.

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