Monday, August 16, 2010

We believe in MAGIC

Hello Friends,
I thought it might be a great time (since we are headed of to MAGIC tomorrow) to let you in on some of the brands that we will be carrying this fall season. Currently it is 11:36 PM, and Christine is coming to pick me up at 5:30 (YES AM zzzzzz) so we can get to the airport in time to make it to our first appointments tomorrow. So, I will make this short and sweet. Above are not photos of actual items we will be carrying, but of previous pieces created by brands we are carrying so you can get a feel for what the overall aesthetic might be. Going clockwise from the top left corner we have:

Many Belles Down
Frock! by Tracy Reese
Dolce Vita
BB Dakota

...and I forget where that 3rd dress came from. I would have re-made the collage, but it's 11:45 and I'm waking up at 4:30. Cute though isn't it? In addition to the brands listed above we will also be carrying Aryn K and it's little sister Ark & Co, Cheap Monday, newcomers Line & Dot, and much much more!
OK, that is all for now because my sleep hours are dwindling! More to come very soon.
Goodnight xo


  1. Hi!
    I live in the same building as you (!), saw one of your boxes downstairs and recognizing a box full of the good stuff from my years of retail, I googled your name. I am also trying to start a fashion business! But I am MUCH less far along than you ladies are. I'm trying to start my own line, check me out at , and email me at if you don't want your box sitting in the lobby while your gone!
    <3 Megan

  2. Wow, can't wait until you are online!!! If the pics above are anything to go by, you'll definitely become one of my favourite online places to shop!!

  3. Hooray! We're glad you're as excited as we are Marika! So excited to launch!!

    Megan--that is the craziest coincidence ever! I'll send you an email soon!